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SRS vision

Europe is a healthy continent where a functioning network of wilderness areas is managed sustainably and wildlife is thriving, providing the resources to maintain a healthy life, now and in the future, for all Europeans.

The concept of wilderness, in nature conservation, is a relatively young one but very ambitious for Europe, a densely populated continent, where wildlife and wildlife refuge areas do not seem to be a priority.

The SRS mission is just as ambitious: we want to actively contribute to creating a momentum for debate and drafting the legislative framework, to apply the concept of large-scale wilderness of landscapes dominated by natural processes, in which protected natural areas do not only play an isolated role, but are managed in an integrated way, as a network.

Romania is one of the few European countries where such a project has the chance to materialize, by addressing a higher level of conservation and integrated management of wilderness areas through an existing network of protected natural areas.
However, we are in a critical moment, in which any kind of postponement of the implementation of such a large-scale, landscape management, can accelerate an irreversible process of loss of this real treasure.

We propose …
• identification of wilderness areas,
• implementation of integrated and participatory management of wilderness areas,
• management of wilderness areas,
• supporting wilderness research activities,
• valorization of the concept of wilderness and its adoption by society,
• facilitating the development of local economies in areas / communities bordering wilderness areas, based on the responsible use of resources and the maintenance of natural landscapes,
• drafting public policy proposals and lobbying and advocacy activities for relevant legislative harmonization,
• contribution to the implementation of projects for the reintroduction of native / native species in the natural environment.


Photo Silviu Matei

Photo Silviu Matei

Photo Silviu Matei

What we do

The Romanian Wilderness Society (SRS) was founded in 2016 to contribute to the conservation, promotion and recognition of wilderness areas in Romania as an integral part of the development of Romanian society, which respects the balance between environmental, social and economic principles, and other specific nature conservation activities.
SRS is a non-governmental organization, based on a team with relevant experience and expertise in several areas:
• biodiversity conservation,
• protected areas,
• reintroduction of species,
• species inventory and monitoring,
• environmental education,
• project management,
• communication.

SRS Team (2020-)
• Alexandru Bulacu: President
• Mariana Țînțărean: Member of the Steering Committee / Project Management Expert – Protected Area Specialist
• Adrian Hăgătiș: Founding member / Species expert
• Alina Alexa: Member of the Board of Directors / Communication Expert – Protected Areas Specialist

SRS Team (2016-2020):
• Aurel Martinescu: President
• Alexandru Bulacu: Executive Director / Species Expert
• Adrian Hăgătiș: Species expert / Founding member
• Andra Croitoru: Innovation & New Business Expert / Member of the Board of Directors
• Alina Alexa: Communication Expert / Member of the Board of Directors

Annual reports (in Romanian)


Raport activitate SRS WILD 2017 


Raport activitate SRSWILD 2018

srswild 2019-2020
srswild 2019-2020

Raport activitate SRSWILD  2019.2020

Our priorities are related to wildlife, species reintroduction, communication and education.

We work on education and biodiversity conservation issues, with a focus on the social side.

Consultancy, conferences, events, communication, education.

Copyright © SRS 2021. Images: Silviu Matei. All rights reserved.

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